Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weight:  x+17.8 (Yes, that counts as losing weight...)

Random thoughts in my head right now...

I took my first gym class in years, and yes, I still hate them.  A lot.  I was feeling so "open to new things" and positive that I made a big mistake.  I told the instructor my real name.  Whoops!  So for the full hour, all I heard was "Kelley, tuck your seat, roll your shoulders back, hold your abs tight" - I wish I had told her my name was Sasha.  Being the New Girl in class sucks.  However, I think I was the only one to do "real" push-ups.  Yeah, that's right, all 40 of them!  4-0!  I'm considering that a WIN!  (PS - how is it that I ran 8 miles straight without stopping yesterday, and I put my freaking leg up on a bar, and it's shaking uncontrollably after an 8-count, argh!)

If the class was designed to make me want to come home and jam as many pretzels dipped in nutella in my mouth in a minute, then mission accomplished!  (Also, Selena Gomez blamed nutella for some health issues recently, and I just want to say:  Selena, if you lied and are really on drugs, you're going down!  Why would you give nutella a bad name?  Moms have ENOUGH trouble getting their kids to eat a healthy breakfast of chocolate flavored toast!  Wasn't sullying the Bieb's good name enough for you?)

In other news, I freaking love Fox's New Girl.  I couldn't love it more.  I could try, but it might take some kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind procedure where I was forced to forget all of the other awesome shows I've loved before.  I'm hugging it in my mind.

And since I work in TV and have strong opinions about shows, I thought I'd give you my synopsis of the 2nd episode of Playboy Club:
Bunny 1:  Hey, remember what happened last week?
Bunny 2:  Yeah.
Bunny 1:  Darn, I was hoping you forgot so I could remind you for an hour.
Bunny 2:  Go ahead and act like I said I didn't remember.  We don't have any better ideas after all.
Bunny 1:  OK!

Wow, guys.  That was painful.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight:  x+18 - yeah, that running and dieting sure is paying off....

Ba-dum Bum, Ba-dum Bum.  Ba-dum Bum, Ba-dum Bum.  ("Rocky" theme music in theory)

I'm pumping myself up, NOT taking no for an answer, and going into the world to kick some major butt.  Beware, world.  I'm coming for you.