Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weight:  x+17.8 (Yes, that counts as losing weight...)

Random thoughts in my head right now...

I took my first gym class in years, and yes, I still hate them.  A lot.  I was feeling so "open to new things" and positive that I made a big mistake.  I told the instructor my real name.  Whoops!  So for the full hour, all I heard was "Kelley, tuck your seat, roll your shoulders back, hold your abs tight" - I wish I had told her my name was Sasha.  Being the New Girl in class sucks.  However, I think I was the only one to do "real" push-ups.  Yeah, that's right, all 40 of them!  4-0!  I'm considering that a WIN!  (PS - how is it that I ran 8 miles straight without stopping yesterday, and I put my freaking leg up on a bar, and it's shaking uncontrollably after an 8-count, argh!)

If the class was designed to make me want to come home and jam as many pretzels dipped in nutella in my mouth in a minute, then mission accomplished!  (Also, Selena Gomez blamed nutella for some health issues recently, and I just want to say:  Selena, if you lied and are really on drugs, you're going down!  Why would you give nutella a bad name?  Moms have ENOUGH trouble getting their kids to eat a healthy breakfast of chocolate flavored toast!  Wasn't sullying the Bieb's good name enough for you?)

In other news, I freaking love Fox's New Girl.  I couldn't love it more.  I could try, but it might take some kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind procedure where I was forced to forget all of the other awesome shows I've loved before.  I'm hugging it in my mind.

And since I work in TV and have strong opinions about shows, I thought I'd give you my synopsis of the 2nd episode of Playboy Club:
Bunny 1:  Hey, remember what happened last week?
Bunny 2:  Yeah.
Bunny 1:  Darn, I was hoping you forgot so I could remind you for an hour.
Bunny 2:  Go ahead and act like I said I didn't remember.  We don't have any better ideas after all.
Bunny 1:  OK!

Wow, guys.  That was painful.

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