Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drunken Thoughts: Volume One

*New series of posts....in which I label thoughts that I think are vaguely interesting "drunken" when I was, in fact, actually stone cold sober (as, sadly, always am stone cold sober).  The term "drunken" is being applied should you think it's far too trivial that I write these down while being sober.  Or should you think I'm a sick perverted b@$#@&d.

While hating someone, I realized that it's silly to hate the people around me who are, for the most part, not Hitlers.  I should instead hate people that I don't even know.  Or better still, not hate anyone I know because it's not worth the energy.  Sure, the people around me that I intensely dislike and would like to perhaps stab with my high heels do deserve those feelings.  But how much more does a terrorist that I've never met deserve it?  I should really save that kind of punishment for them.  And since I will probably never meet them, I should probably just forget about hating people and/or stabbing anyone with my high heels.  Let's see how long this lasts.  I'm wagering 2 weeks max.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my! Let's hope there is no stabbing.