Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Bridget

Am in new office setting where I know practically no one, and those I do know, I only know from the phone and believe they HATE me.  Had intense desire to run to desk, put in ear phones and just workworkworkworkwork....but sadly, most of job is to interact with people.  So....

I bravely faced my fear of mingling, and I walked allllllllll around, introducing myself to everyone.  EVERYONE.  I know them ALL now.  And I think I won over a few people who previously hated me with only a few smiles.  Did not even have to bake cookies....which is good as did not have time to sleep, let alone bake.

In other victorious news, defeated fear of driving in Atlanta.  High School / College Kelley who would drive into the city with a hand-written set of directions to the Fox Theater Parking Lot is quite impressed with Grown-up Kelley who has driven every inch of LA and is now, therefore, fearless.


  1. Yay, hope you're enjoying your new digs! Does that mean you get to stay on the farm for a bit? Or do you have to stay in hotels superclose to work?

    Also, I'm very proud of you driving in Atlanta. I'm still nervous every time I drive there, but, hey, I drove just fine in Boston, right, so Atlanta should be no problem.

    I'll be in Atlanta the week of the 28th. Could we meet up?

    So glad you have a spare minute to post! Makes me feel like I'm not completely out of the loop on your happenings. :)

  2. Yay for conquering driving & mingling! Hope this month is a smooth one.