Friday, August 12, 2011

*May* have broken my scale...

Weight:  I don't freaking know, and it's KILLING me!  How do I know if I'm on track?  How do I know if I should feel guilty?  And worst of all, will I not get credit for running 10 miles last night?  EEK!

As the subject line says, I *may* have broken my scale.  While I could certainly feel bad about having put my heavy a$$ on it and thus breaking it, I believe it was something electronic since it just wouldn't power up today.  I plan on buying one immediately and starving myself until I get it so that I'll still have the residual running effect.  And I'm really doing well on the whole starving myself thing as I've already eaten 2 of my 3 meals today.  Oh well.... 

(Note:  Starving is always a bad idea.  That's why I'd never do it to myself.)


  1. If nothing else, you absolutely need to eat a good breakfast every day! I do not follow this advice even though I want to, but it will help your body. My mom found when she regularly ate a really good filling breakfast, she didn't eat as much the rest of the day & lost weight easier than if she had a light breakfast & a heavier meal later.

  2. I always find that about breakfast as well. If I don't eat breakfast until I get to work, I'm barely hungry at all for lunch, which is usually when I'd be the most hungry.