Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spinsterhood of the Traveling Chocolates

Weight:  x+15.  Meh.

Planning single ladies party for Saturday before Valentine's Day - the Saturday when couples will crowd all restaurants, making it impossible to be out in public and comfortable. 

Feel encouraged that Bridget would, in fact, do this.  Well, that and also check under her doormat for Valentines from Daniel.  Biggest Bridget influence: skipping the blue soup and just going straight to ordering pizza. 

Hope that if you're reading this and want to join, you'll let me know!


  1. This sounds fun. I am bummed that I keep missing everything (mostly the weather, haha).

  2. I know. I miss you. Come! Is there any space between your Oprah job and Chopped?

  3. no... nothing ever lines up this well unless i have other things i want to do!