Monday, May 9, 2011

Bridget on Horoscopes

Weight: x+16, but fully believe all in good places.  Like chocolate, for example.  Maybe a little pizza, but mainly chocolate.

This Bridget wanna-be doesn't quite buy into the whole "horoscope" thing.  That is, unless someone reads it to me and it says something awesome that I want to hear.  Then, Bridget and I would agree whole-heartedly: it's obviously correct.

This month, that's exactly what happened.  My friend pointed me to my horoscope for this month which said I would have good news and reason to celebrate on May 17th (the day we find out if our pilot is getting picked up to series). 

It also said a whole lot of things about love and finding a soul-mate this month.  I told my friend "apparently I'm going to diet and exercise a lot this month, ha."  "Your horoscope said that?"  "No, but it said I was going to find my true love.  Same thing."

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  1. Hah, I usually think horoscopes are wrong, too, but this one sounds like it can't possibly be wrong. Fingers crossed for the pilot to get picked up AND for your true love to fall for you just as you are (which is wonderful and gorgeous, by the way!). :)