Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight: bluh...

Ok, now they are just mocking me. I requested specifically that Kate Spade make a Pride and Prejudice clutch, AND send me one for free for giving them the genius idea that would make them so much money. And now I see this!?!?,default,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU2420-1_color=962&start=13&cgid=handbags-clutches

Kate, this hurts.


  1. oh. i will admit that i love the design of this emma one... did they reply to your p&p email??

  2. Um.....ok, so I sorta never emailed them. I just put it up on facebook - which, if twitter has taught us anything, is a good way to get noticed by companies.

    This is what my email would have been:
    "Dear Kate,
    You will make a million gazillion dollars off of women if you make these book-of-the-month clutches for Pride & Prejudice and Twilight. Please send me a P&P one for free now, for giving you the totally original idea you never would have thought of on your own.

    And here's what would be their response:
    "Dear Kelley,
    We've never heard of this book you mention, Pride and Prejudice. Who wrote it? I think I saw it mentioned on a book jacket for this other book once. Maybe on the jacket for Emma by Jane Austen? Who knows. We don't have the resources to research silly things like this. Instead, we're going to make a clutch out of some book no one has ever heard of - I Married Adventure."
    Someone with a PhD in English at Kate Spade"

  3. Is your facebook open for anyone to look at? Twitter generally is which is why it gets more attention. If I was a person who spent 300+ on a clutch I would buy this Emma one.