Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weight:  Forgot to weigh in...sue me.

Last night, I went to a Parks & Rec screening/Q&A.  My personal highlight was when I was waiting outside before it even started.  We had seen Amy Poehler going through the press for pictures and interviews.  I turned and said "Adam Scott WILL be here," to will it into being true.  And sure enough, the next thing that I saw was Adam Scott walking up.  What!  I control the universe!

Then, during the Q&A, I was brainstorming the best questions I could ask, knowing I would never ask any of my questions.
(1) Adam Scott, how are you so cute?
(2) Hi, Adam.  Um, whatcha up to later???
(3) Adam, on the show your character Ben seems to like Blondes.  Is that something you share with him?  (Twirl blonde hair)

One track mind, you see.

But it was interesting that one girl asked about Leslie Knope's unswerving optimism.  In truth, that's why I love the show.  Everyone else around her might be cynical, but she inspires them to see the world as she sees it.  A big lump of clay that can be molded into the most beautiful sculpture ever.  Love it.


  1. How fun! And controlling the universe isn't bad, either!

  2. I believe Adam Scott is very cute but also married. Yeah, he has a wife.