Thursday, April 5, 2012

Survival Imminent, due to friends

Weight: x+6, yeah well whatever.

I'm happy to report that I'm surviving my disappointment quite well. The best cure so far has been to stay active, so thank you to the friends who have agreed to go to random events lately, including:

The Cicada Club, the Ballet, Jane Austen Unscripted Improv, Cirque du Soleil, trivia, hikes, tonight's comedy show, tomorrow's musical, watching Katniss kick some a$$ in Hunger Games, a 5k, and (though no friends will participate) Sarah for volunteering to be my emergency contact should I pass out on the final 2 miles of Saturday's half-marathon...up the Cahuenga Pass. (Ridiculous course plan.) Sarah, I'm writing your info on my arm with a sharpie, just in case. ;-). Not to mention calls and emails from friends farther away.

So thank you, friends! Y'all are great!


  1. i am most happy that you've at least partially come around on katniss! haha

  2. It's true. When you want to throw the book across the room midway through, I guess you have to admit you're invested in it.