Friday, April 27, 2012

"What do you like to do on Friday nights?"

This seems to be a popular question these days when meeting new people.  Strange.  I would be in favor of switching this to "Saturday nights," but no one consulted me before popularizing the trend.

So, in answer, I have to say I'm always quite tired on Friday nights.  So, naturally, that means I like to go home, walk my dog, and then run 10 miles.  I mean, I can still go to bed by 10 and excuse it since I exercised.  *This is how my brain works.

Occasionally, I buy tickets to random events and convince friends to join me.  That's been a growing trend.  I used to fall asleep while watching the Soup, as Sarah might remember.  It was a ritual.  And even while snoozing, I usually chuckled at the right times, I'm told.

But tonight, I was convinced I was going to run.  What a good habit to bring back.  Then, I got a wave of "ugh," and I just wanted to go home and watch a movie.  But in realizing that 'current plan' would involve reliving this week, I had the sudden urge to start crying.  And I'm not a crier. (I'm not even a Cryer, as in Jon's sister.)  And my week wasn't really worth crying over.  I actually found it pretty funny.  Maybe even downright hysterical.

Still.  I have this fear that I'm about to go to Blockbuster and start balling over some ridiculous movie case that portrays a woman seeking love.  She probably has a "considering my options" smirk on her face and a guy looking at the camera with crossed arms with a "what are you gonna do, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" face.  Ugh.  I cannot be subjected to this drivel. 

Maybe I should go the other way and go into a screening of Titanic (a movie I hate) where crying is mandatory.  Hmm.

Or maybe I should go home and read a book instead.  Preferably not the one above-described movie was based on.

I'm going to fall asleep in ten minutes.


  1. I love how you are too tired to do anything on Friday nights... so you run 10 miles. We may have different ideas of being tired. Perhaps you are mentally tired from working all week. If it helps, I sat at home Friday night, without the added benefit of exercise.

  2. One time Rachel had a dinner on Friday at her apartment and you fell asleep, in a room full of people. CLASSIC Friday night move.