Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bridget on ADD

Weight:  x+17.  Seriously!  I resisted SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD!  I only had one tiny little sliver of a THIN crust piece of cheese pizza....and a few pita chips in hummus....and a few slices of banana bread....made into a nutella sandwich.  (Just kidding on the last one, though I considered it.)

Bridget had a "boy" version of ADD.  As in her attention could only be held by boys.  She often would obsess over Daniel Cleaver, and most of the work day was spent limiting how many times she could think of him per hour - which, in turn, meant spending the whole hour thinking about him or thinking about NOT thinking about him, which was still just plain thinking of him.

Likewise, I get a little distracted while I work.  It's only made worse by there not being much work to do lately.  Still, in my free time (which I have some now, thanks to not working as much, yeay!), I should be writing.

When it comes to writing, everyone knows that the first step to writing is cleaning your apartment.  Then, cleaning out your closet.  Sorting the recycling, scrubbing the kitchen floors, dusting, vacuuming, taking out the trash. Then making sure you have watched everything on your DVR, because if that backs up, what a nightmare!  Then, getting your oil changed, obviously blogging (wink)...and the list goes on.  Writers have the cleanest homes and are the most organized people I know.  You know, except for the ones making a living at writing.  Except for them.

So, here's a moment in the life of my brain, as I delay writing.

I think the new flooring I picked out for my living room is going to be too dark.  Maybe I should look for light colored rugs on Overstock...hmm.  Or look at new paint.  New paint could definitely make the room feel lighter.  Damn, my painter's phone has been disconnected.  Yelp.com - painters, Burbank....hmm.  None of these painters are answering.  Never mind.  Maybe the flooring will be ok.  If it's not, maybe I can paint when I get back and have time to think about it more.  I mean, I did make a snap decision on the current paint and have been hating it ever since.  But then, if I delay until I get back, I won't be able to put stuff back in the living room until even later.  Hmm.  Why was I on Overstock?  Oh, rugs.  Right.  Living room, Dining room, runner....where to start.  I hope they really will be finished with the flooring by Friday afternoon since I leave Saturday.  I leave Saturday...  While I'm in Georgia again, I should really get people together to watch the pilot since they won't see it otherwise.  Where would I screen it?  If I screen it, will people come?  It's already less than a week from the only weekend night I'll be in town.  And if I screen it at a house, my house is a wreck.  Literally, I think my aunt has called a demolition team...or perhaps organized a seance.  I'm not really sure, but she definitely thought that it was a wreck that needed to be dealt with via the phone last week.  (Note: it could not be dealt with via the phone.  I am not telekinetic.  I know this because I have tested my powers thoroughly.)  I could have the screening in the old furniture store building on the square maybe....but would people come to Henry County?  If I do it, what should I serve?  Google: McDonough, GA caterers.  Where would I get chairs, a big TV, food, beverages, etc....where would they park?  ....why am I on Overstock.com again? 


Maybe I should start writing.  It is midnight after all.


  1. Love the ramblings. That makes for a good memoir start, no? I'm sure Bridget would be thinking the same thing if only you replaced paint & floors with Daniel.

  2. You're getting wood floors?!!?!?

    Also, if you're in GA I think that would be a perfect time to email that set crush and see if he's around (to screen the pilot of course... or not, whatever).

  3. I did email him! I tried to plan a screening of the pilot for anyone interested in coming, but logistically, I hit some major roadblocks and cancelled. When I told him, he said "oh well." Wasn't that when he was supposed to say "that's ok, but WE should get together anyway." Ugh, flirting is hard.

  4. You should ask him if he wants to get lunch while you're in town. MAKE IT WORK. I say this as someone who frantically tried to text-flirt with someone last night, against my better judgment, haha.

    Also, your line about writer's apartments being so clean made me laugh.

  5. I only have one day that would work for lunch, and it's taken by my best friend and her family. Priorities... I will be home longer at Christmas, and around the holidays everyone is off from work anyway. That will be much harder to argue about, should I chicken out again.

    Clean apts - you might have experienced the exception that proves the rule. :-)

  6. Christmas is so far! Meet for coffee! DO ITTTTTT.