Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Good Start

Weight: x+17...but not Monday's x+19 which went unreported for obvious reasons.  It was the result of two nights of eating pizza.  (Note:  That is not the good start I'm referring to.)

As anyone who has ever dieted knows, a diet requires two things:  change and will power.  So naturally, being light in the will power arena, the first step toward both requirements is to eat the entire contents of your fridge: everything, that is, which does not measure up to the new diet plan. 

Yes, the first step to dieting is eating all of your ice cream.  I repeat, eating ALL of your ice cream.

Carrot juice, yogurt with granola,
bananas, and baby carrots.  Oh my.
I've been off to a great start in that department.  :-)

But now, it's week 2, and I have to actually eat the new healthy replacements my credit card was only too kind to buy for me.

So please take a look at this week's snacks.  Notice how none of them are pretzel M&Ms.  Oh, the sacrifice.

PS - should also note that while typing up this blog, have been pumping up (with my foot, I kid you not, multi-tasking) one of those better posture core fitness work out balls (can you tell I have no idea what they are actually called) that I will now be sitting on for the rest of the day.  Or at least a few minutes.  Bridget would be proud.

* Dear nervous friends, please note that my diet is not actually to lose weight as I represent it here in my blog (for the fun of it).  It's actually so that I don't die of scurvy, blinded by glaucoma.


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Perhaps I should get started on eating all the ice cream in my freezer pronto! And perhaps any & all pretzel m&ms that show up at work. It only seems fair.

  2. i completely agree with the requisite clearing out of the fridge before the new eating commences. i do the same thing. how can you get a fresh start if you don't eat the slate clean?

  3. K - yes, please do eat all of the pretzel M&Ms and think of me. And also Robert Pattinson who apparently loves them, according to Vanity Fair. Note: Vanity Fair, not his fan sites, which I of course do not visit.

    T - exactly! It's either eat it or throw it out, and throwing it out just seems like mocking starving people in Africa. Don't you think?

  4. How do I deal with this when faced with a craft service table??

  5. Automatic exemption! You can eat whatever you want, provided you survive! See March posts!