Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And They Say Romantic Comedies Aren't Realistic

I can't help but chuckle as I watch action movies or spy TV shows, etc.  There's almost always a scene in which a woman has to seduce a man while wearing a ball gown.  The men they're trying to seduce are almost always conveniently hosting lavish parties where it doesn't even faze them that someone they've never met is there - and usually stealing attention on the dance floor.

Reality check:  These are not the men that these women would really have to seduce.  They wouldn't be wearing white tuxedos and drinking 30 year old scotch, fyi.  No, the powerful men in reality would be wearing hoodie sweatshirts, glasses, and converse sneakers.  They could more easily pass for homeless than lavish.  The hot women seducing them would need to get an invitation to their exclusive arcade (where they have the original Ms. PacMan game, and you might even be able to touch it IF you wash your hands first).   If the girl has long, flowing hair, full lips, and a tramp stamp, and if she showed a passing interest in hearing stories of the first time the guy hacked into the Pentagon's server, she's golden.   (Yeah, that's right - Social Network.)

So, stop telling me I'm unrealistic in imagining that Colin Firth might find me charming for doing something as mundane as tripping over my heels.  (Note:  I would never trip over my heels.  That's just crazy talk.)  I'm actually just as realistic as the average writer, regardless of the genre.

Side note:  I'm reminded of a fun scene in Ocean's 13 when the gender tables are turned.  Finally, it's Matt Damon who must play the 'seductress' to Ellen Barkin.  For the record, Matt, the nose plays.

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