Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bridget on Victimology

My #1 favorite thing about Bridget Jones is how she refuses to be a victim. 

I also try to refuse to be a victim.  I do strange things my friends don't understand to make sure I'm not a victim.  For example, I'll try to move a sofa out of a tight doorway so that if the paint chips off in the attempt, I have no one to blame but myself.  That's right.  I did that.  And guess what?  The paint chipped.  What of it?  See, I can handle that the choices I make in life lead to bad outcomes.  I can't handle blaming "the establishment" or anyone else for my suffering.  (In this case, suffering is looking at chipped paint in the doorway...I really should just get that fixed.) 

When words that resemble "excuses" come out of my mouth, a little vomit does as well.  I focus on making "explanations" not excuses, but it's a terribly thin line.  After all, some explanations are necessary in life.  For instance, "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings by leaving you out.  I sincerely thought you had other plans."  Without that explanation, you could have a Three's Company style 'misunderstanding' that can only be worked out by things getting much, much worse...until the Roepers sort things out.  Still, thin line.  I'm working on it, Bridge. 

Tell me, does Bridget Jones explain in great detail that she didn't know the mic just needed to be switched on?  Does she make a sign to hang around her neck explaining how she thought she was attending a Tarts and Vicars party because Geoffrey forgot to call her?  Does she whine and complain that Daniel cheated on her?  That she was given the wrong cue and that why she flashed (and then toppled) a TV camera?  Does she blame her crew when she misses an important interview whilst buying Polos and a packet of Wheat Crunchies?

Answer:  no, she does not.  Quite admirably so, I'd say.

So long as Bridget can have a good movie montage where she drinks a lot of vodka, throws away self-help books and falls off a stationary bike, she's golden.  She will not be defeated by anyone, much less a bad man and an American stick insect.  She will look for new jobs, telling them the blunt truth of why she's on the job market, land one, and then tell the bad man she'd prefer kissing Saddam Hussein's a$$ to working within ten yards of him.  Plan of attack - Follow through - Success.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to her!

So while a lot of Bridget's characteristics are, ahem, an acquired taste let's say, her dedication to not being a victim is one that can be admired by one and all.

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