Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays is not a "War on Christmas"

As a Christian, I have to come out with it already.  I say "Happy Holidays."  I buy two sets of cards - one with Christmas mentioned and one without.  Or else I just buy ones without, if my needs are small enough for one box of cards.  And for my money, that does not take ANYTHING away from Christmas.

War-on-Christmas people, you just can't have it both ways!  You can't win being the most popular winter holiday, expect everyone to respect your right to celebrate it with time off work, presents, and heck, even bonuses, AND then also claim that you are victims.  Sorry, doesn't work that way.

In sports terms (which I know absolutely nothing about), that would be like winning the Superbowl and expecting the losing team's city to host a parade for you that you aren't even going to attend.

By all means, wish EACH OTHER a very merry Christmas.  No one has ever said you can't.  I believe THAT is something your often misquoted 1st amendment would protect.  But what the heck do you care if people say other things?  I'm sorry, are we living in Nazi Germany?  Do we all need to start our conversations with Heil Hitler?

If you want to know what is the real war-on-Christmas, it's that you're AOK with people celebrating Christmas as a family tradition, about as religious as Thanksgiving.  (Note:  this is not something I have a problem with.)  Every time a non-Christian wishes someone Merry Christmas, that should be a little part of you dying.  It's certainly a little part of your argument dying.

I try my darndest NOT to wish Merry Christmas to anyone who doesn't celebrate it.  Some celebrate it as a religious holiday, some not so much.  If you celebrate it, you get a Merry Christmas.  BUT I completely respect everyone's right NOT to celebrate Christmas, and I would feel much more comfortable wishing those people Happy Holidays.  After all, we're talking about wishing well upon people, right?  So isn't this fight already a huge contradiction of intent?

The second part of your argument that I have a problem with:  The victim mentality.  Why, oh why, oh why do you CHOOSE to make yourselves victims here?  A) It's a stretch to even begin to see you as one.  B) Who on earth wants to be a victim?  (See previous post.)  C) If you really were victims - not legally allowed to mention Christmas in public - that would go against the constitution, you're right....but you're not, so shut it.

Summary:  I'm a Christian.  I'm not a victim.  And I say "Happy Holidays."  What would you prefer I say to you, f&*k you?  That's another option.

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  1. The only part of the war on Christmas that I get is that ads have gotten more and more gross and the season seems to start in October now.