Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bridget on Working Late

Weight:  Oh, give me a break already.  Can't a girl eat?  What am I supposed to do?  Eat healthier things than going-away cake and whatever snacks happen to be lying around the office?  Oh, right.  Supposed to do those things.  Does sound reasonable...hmm.

8pm on a Tuesday....was supposed to be at free screening of comedy movie, but instead, at work.  Remembering how just two short weeks ago, was at work all hours of the day and night.  One significant difference:  Stephanie and Johnny Mac fed me there.  I miss them!  Where's my Chick-fil-a sandwich?  I need my extra-hot mocha!

In other news, attempted very lame flirting technique (that is, not really flirting at all) that proved completely ineffectual.  Am not talented in the ways of flirtation.  I can only master being friendly.  Oy, must channel inner-Bridget.

Extra hot mocha reference...

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