Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weight: x+16.  Wowza.  Current goal is to enter weekend back at square one.  Square one being x+15.  I think that sounds fair.

Ugh, why do I always want to stab people with my heels?  I'm wearing my cross necklace today which usually calms me down.  Rubbing it today has effectively led to no homicides...yet.  I'm thinking of shutting my door to the rude jerk that makes me want to stab him.  It's totally ok in a work environment to say "hey, you can call me, email me, IM me, but you CANNOT come down and stand in my personal space yelling at me while eating a bagel I BOUGHT," am I right?  I think I'm right.

In other news, did flirt, and it amounted to us both saying "you're cute" "you're cuter..."  Progress, I think.  No mention of non-existent skirt being off sick.


  1. super like. about the flirting part, I mean. definitely not the bagel part.

  2. Perhaps next time said rude jerk enters personal space with a bagel you purchased to yell, think of his non-existent skirt being off sick. Could provide a giggle.