Monday, July 4, 2011

"Happy Colonial Rebellion Day!"

Weight: x + 0.  Have decided that having no scale handy is quite freeing!  Who's to say I have NOT reached my goal weight?  Let me have my moment of denial.

The first year I studied abroad at Oxford, we arrived on July 4th.  Our RA was a Brit, and he proudly (with a bit of a drunken slur) wished us all "Happy Colonial Rebellion Day!" followed shortly after with "To the Jesus College Pub!"* 

I've always loved that idea - that Brits would call our Independence Day "Colonial Rebellion Day."  I've since learned this is not universally acknowledged, but I hope it infects all of the UK so that one day, every Brit will wish passers-by a "happy colonial rebellion day" on July 4th.  Maybe in response, we could plan an Evander Holyfield / Mike Tyson level match-off for their so-called "Boxing Day."

*I should confess that I was a monstrous prude that year.  I wasn't quite 21 yet, and I refused to drink a sip of any alcoholic beverage until I properly turned 21 and was US-legally allowed to partake.  This cost me wine tasting in France when I was 18, not to mention a summer of being the least comfortable American at Oxford.  I don't know how anyone could stand me, honestly.  It is with this explanation that I confess I didn't at all like the drunken slur or "To the Jesus College Pub" follow-up (how dare you name a bar after our Savior?), at least not at the time my new RA said it.  I was an RA at home, and I would *never* have done that, clutching pearls.  Someone should have really just punched me in the face.


  1. The way this entry ended had me dying.

  2. It's 100% true. I was Queen of the pearl clutchers.

  3. This is some funny shit. Pardon my non French.