Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Sexy is Self-control?

Weight: argh.  x+18.  If you didn't suspect that from the Starbucks treat yesterday.

Has any guy in the history of the planet uttered the following:  "Oh, wow, she's so strict with her diet....it's so sexy..."

Answer:  NO!  They have not!  And you want to know why?  Because it's not sexy to be a "rule follower," even if the rules are eating sensible portions of healthy foods.

No!  In fact, boys buy girls boxes of chocolates, CHOCOLATES!  That's because they WANT you to give into temptation....live a little. 

Far more often, they'll utter the following:  "Mmm, how good is that milk shake?  How delicious is that chocolate chip cookie?  Can I split your brownie?  No, I can't?  Because you've already devoured the whole thing...scandalously hot..."

Now that's what I call sexy, dude.  So much for self-denying ritualistic torture of dieting.  Yeah, I will eat that cookie....mmm....and I'll LIKE it!

So, guess what, boys.  I'm about to be the JAMES DEAN of eating chocolates.  Totally hot.

*PS.  Boys, you'll just have to accept that with that giving-into-temptation lifestyle, we're going to be a little on the chubbier side.  You didn't want to hug a coat rack, did you?

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