Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks, Starbucks

Weight:  x+17.  Nutella....100% nutella.

Today, I went to Starbucks to get a reduced-fat calorie-free treat that, in fact, has a zillion calories.  So, that's not a good thing to do if you're a girl keeping up the charade of being on a life-long diet. 

BUT!  I refused to get the iced grande chai latte I really did want to go with it.  The barista (not to be confused with barrister - the likes of Mark Darcy) asked if I was quote* "sure," and I admitted I was not - but that I wasn't going to get it anyway.  I do have SOME self-control, after all.

THEN!  He printed my receipt, stamped the back, and said "well, you can get a grande iced drink for $2 with this receipt if you wait 6 more minutes."

Six.  More.  Minutes....  The very thing that I wanted which would have cost $3.66 had I not resisted earlier....and now they tell me I can save 45% on the very same thing if I wait 6 minutes.  Eek, resolve, stay with me.

If I make it through the day with the receipt remaining unused, not only will I have saved $2, but I will have saved 200 calories.  So, THANK YOU, Starbucks, for testing me!  I'm stronger for it!
Where's that blasted receipt, I really want a grande iced chai with non-fat milk, easy on the ice!

*I know I don't have to type "quote" if I actually use quotes, but I just like it.  Sue me.

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