Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bridget Fashion Sense

A few fab Bridget ensembles must pop into your head when you picture her.  Any of the following?
(1) Bunny suit at the Tarts and Vicars party, obviously.  (Halloween '04)
(2) Red Skirt and a Fireman's helmet, sliding down a pole.  (Halloween '09)
(3) The hair of the Bride of Frankenstein when the "Grace Kelly" scarf falls off on the convertible trip. (Halloween work-in-progress)
(4) Knickers in general- whether they're granny-panties or her "genuinely tiny knickers."
(5) Short little skirt that needs fattening up, perhaps even paired with a sexy see-through blouse.

Much like Bridget, I try my darnedest to put myself together, but somehow it doesn't always work out just right.  Despite my lack of clothing coordination, I tried desperately to get on "What Not To Wear" but didn't even get a response.  Fine, Stacy and Clinton, I'll just keep walking my dog in my pajamas until you FINALLY pick me!

Tonight, while walking my dog in my pajamas (v. similar to Bridget's in the All By Myself jam session), I wanted very much for Mark Darcy to come and wrap his coat around me while all of the passersby stared.  If I happened to stand on my tiptoes to kiss him while he did so, even better.

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