Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bridget on a Sick Day

The weather has changed, making me feel cold-like symptoms.  Fun.  On a sick day, I'm guessing Bridget and I would do different things - mainly because a Kelley sick day includes watching Bridget Jones's Diary in my pajamas.

Bridget would probably wake up, have a head-ache, and think it has no correlation to last night's drinking marathon.  No, she's definitely dying.  She'd send out "FYI" emails to her Urban Family to A) let them know they may have been exposed to killer virus and B) alert them that she might die alone in her flat (so her corpse won't be eaten by wild dogs).  Then, she would come up with a healthy life-style plan - lots of vitamin C, exercising, neti-pot cleansing, going to bed at a reasonable hour, and eating a balanced diet.

Around 2pm, after eating the entire contents of her fridge having decided that healthy life-style plan is only in effect after survival becomes evident, she would realize she feels better and that perhaps she's over-reacted.  It may be possible that she only had a hangover.

Ok, Bridge, I'll try your healthy life-style plan for you and see how I fare.

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