Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Additions to "The Shelf of Self-Help"

I will be reviewing books from the Shelf of Self-Help on Tuesdays this year.  I'm ready to get good and mad at these, so let me at them!  Nine Tuesdays, nine books.  Place your votes now!  Pick my first Self-Help review!

Here are the books:
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray (of course)
Why Mr. Right Can't Find You - J.M. Kearns
If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? - Susan Page
Have Him At Hello - Rachel Greenwald
Love in 90 Days - Diana Kirschner
Marry Him: The Case for Settling - Lori Gottlieb
Become Your Own Matchmaker - Patti Stanger
Why Men Love Bitches - Sherry Argov
Why Men Marry Bitches - Sherry Argov


  1. I vote for Love in 90 days and Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. I've heard that Mary Him: the Case for Settling isn't very good, but of course I'd be interested to hear your take on any of these books. What about, "he's just not that into you?" Several of my friends love that book.

    I love self-help books; they're so fun!

  2. oops...Marry him. Wow, a spelling faux pas is so unlike me.

  3. I want to hear what Patti Stanger has to say! She seems to have lots of opinions to offer on the show!

  4. Sara- do you want to read it next? I am done with it!