Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bridget vs. Liz Lemon

Two of my favorite ladies:  Bridget Jones and Liz Lemon. 

Bridget eventually gets to marry Mark Darcy...played by Colin Firth.
Liz is currently dating Carol...played by Matt Damon.

I wonder why I look to these ladies for inspiration.  Hmm.

Neither *quite* has it together - not time-wise, career-wise, love-wise, physically, or even in the household - but both have great outlooks on life.  And that outlook is?

Watch 30 Rock tonight, 8:30 on NBC
Drink wine on the treadmill?  No.... 
Rock out in your best flannel PJ's?  No.... 
Date extremely handsome men?  ...Perhaps...

Liz & Bridget both have accepted themselves for who they are.  Not with slightly larger breasts or a slightly smaller nose.  And that, my dear ladies, is why I love you both!  (Please do not make me choose between you.  Can't I wear a Team Bridget shirt that says Team Lemon on the back?)

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