Friday, October 29, 2010

New Plan: Find Camera

It's been suggested that I do a lot of crazy things next year from the books/movies.  (Wear bunny suit to non-costume party, Interrupt party with nonsensical speech, Break into Firehouse and slide down pole, etc.)

I'm game!  I'm not going to be held back by the threat of humiliation and/or jail-time since Bridget certainly isn't.  Isn't that sort of the whole point of my experiment?

But I'm going to need to get video footage of these catastrophes.  So I'm saving up for a video camera, and I'll also need knowledgeable person to shoot said video footage.  Oh, and when I run into trouble editing, I hope equally knowledgeable people will be around for me to question tirelessly.

Let me know if there are scene re-enactments that you simply must see!

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