Monday, October 18, 2010

Bridget on Mondays

Why are weekends so short?!?!  Perhaps because was passed out most daylight hours of weekend.  Hmm. 

Surely there's a labor law (or one could be passed) to reverse one week and weekend a month.  "Flip Week" - the 2 day week, 5 day weekend.  Must contact representatives immediately.  Or Human Rights Activist.  Having only 2 days is far from humane.

Note to self:  Must make laundry a priority next weekend so that dressing does not take 5 hours on Monday morning.  Will most definitely be late.  Perhaps should come in at lunch and say was at an off-site appointment for morning.  Good plan.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, and why DO calendars leave such a tiny space for weekends? I mean, what if I want to plan every hour of the day on a Saturday, as I do on weekdays? I have to write super tiny. It's frustrating. I guess it's good encouragement not to overplan the weekends, maybe.