Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Bridget would think of Twilight

I recently saw Kate Spade's new line of "Book Clutches" and commented that they should have picked the books Pride and Prejudice and Twilight since then every age range of females would instantly HAVE to have them.  They did not take my advice.

It seems only fair to weigh in on what Bridget (a die-hard P&P fan) would say about the new phenom: Twilight.

First, I think she would act as if you were jogging her memory.  "Twilight?  Oh, that Stephenie Meyer series about teenage vampires, right, right."  She'd probably take a sip of her drink to delay responding properly - she wouldn't want to come across as too eager.  Then, she would claim that she had only read them because she does, after all, work in publishing.  She might wax on about how she was concerned about the impact they were having on teen girls - showing a grim picture of love.  All the while, she has the whole set of books dog-earred under her bed and watches the first movie over and over again on nights that she can't sleep.  And she's Team Edward all the way, shh.  She just loves when he says "Bella, you are my life now."  Chills.

Um, that was what Bridget would think.  Not me at all.  No....but I did "have" to read them for work....and I do have concerns about the grim picture of love the books present to teen girls.  And that's all you're getting out of me! 

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