Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Run, watch Bridget, repeat.

I have one advantage over Bridget in the exercise department.  I can watch Bridget Jones's Diary while running on my treadmill, and she cannot.

Here are some factors to consider when picking a good run-on-the-treadmill movie:

(1) Expected length of run.  You will surely quit running the second the credits roll.

(2) Pacing.  If you're doing intervals (which you're insane if you're not), you want the story beats to have a similar interval length.  Preferably something that accents these story beats with music and/or musical montages.  (I'm Every Woman montage at the midpoint is IDEAL!)

(3) Something you've seen enough to know thoroughly but still has the ability to engage you.  You don't want to run while watching that movie you just got from Netflix.  You'll be cursing when you miss something important and end up watching it again, only this time you know the movie's twist. (Bruce Willis is dead!)  For me, "mini-break" equals walk-break.

(4) Don't watch skinny-minnie teenie-bopper movies while exercising.  Causes too much rage and may lead to binge eating afterwards which defeats the point of exercising.

So, when I'm running for 1:40, Bridget Jones's Diary is a perfect 10.

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