Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Aging

Weight: x+16,  but birthday treats 100% consumed.  Back on track starting tomorrow!

Note to readers under 30:  You will not spontaneously combust at age 30....however, you will continue to slowly deconstruct.  Take it in stride.  By the time it's really bad, you won't have enough brain cells left to notice.

When I turned 30, I decided I was instantly smarter than all of those poor little 29-year-olds who thought they were smart.  "Oh, little 29-year-old, let me school you in the ways of the world" was a common response from me.  Then, I would tell them all about what happened on last night's Office episode. Or something equally "30s."

However, the downside was that going to the doctor became a series of poking/prodding and test-running that was entirely new and unpleasant!  No longer was my doctor answering my complaints of "ankle soreness" with "take some Ibuprofen" and "use a heating pad."  No, no, we needed ultrasounds, MRIs and mammograms....ok, the mammogram was not for a sore ankle, but you get my point.

Now, I literally just aged a year (overnight, that's how it works, no?), and my knees are killing me!  No!  Is this the new thing for the year?  Next year, will I need a hip-replacement?  What's next, age?  Huh?


......no, really.  What were we talking about again?


  1. I know, my knee creaks and last night I was lying in bed wondering if I have arthritis. At 32. It could happen.

    Getting old is really really fun. Really.

    At least you're younger than I am!!

  2. You're younger based on conception....but let's really not go there. In fact, erase that from your mental memory box immediately.

  3. well... you're both younger than me! and yes, physically (and sometimes mentally) it is all downhill after 30. so just live, laugh, love, and enjoy it while you still have enough memory capacity to remember the good times :) LOVE YOU BOTH!