Friday, January 7, 2011

Weight: x+13.6 (that's close to a half pound!  hooray!)

Found perfect Jane Austen book to read as part of resolution only to read one Jane Austen book this year. Loop-hole!

One new broken resolution: Did walk dog outside in pajamas.  Believe new neighbor thought I was homeless as pajamas were paired with a leather jacket, cap, and slip-on sandals.  It was after midnight though.  Fellow dog-walkers out at that hour should not be judging my fashion choices!  Time to reinstate resolution and work harder at it.  Do not want cops called, should I accidentally set off my own car alarm.

In other news, new shoes should be delivered today...but have just read something that makes me alarmed thinking maybe I have bought the wrong pair.  Description for different kind: "Probably the most iconic shoes of our time, it goes without saying that every woman needs a pair."  Really, it goes without saying?  Every woman needs a pair?  Even the ones who don't wear shoes?  What about the ones who don't have food to eat?  Hmm.

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