Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weight:  x+16.  See, it didn't go up any!  That's because of the treats being gone.  Thank goodness...

New devil though:  "Party Size" Pretzel M&Ms.  I misinterpreted the label to mean "fun size" as in "snack size" as in little mini-bags that would make the perfect portion for a snack.  Instead it's one big bag of pretzel M&Ms that I eat by the handful.  My friend suggested I leave them in the kitchen so I have to get up to get them.  That worked.  I got up to get them...and never sat back down.  TVs rotate, and counter-tops are comfy.  Mmm, pretzel M&Ms...
Warning: Gross.

In other news, I decided to wear a really old pair of shoes today to convince myself that I don't need new shoes - I just need to wear the ones I already have.  This is what I got.  I am not convinced.

Please let all shoe sites crash as soon as I sign onto not let me take this out on my credit card!

I dedicate this post to Brian, who has a foot fetish.  This is the cure.


  1. Oh, this made my night.... : )

  2. Much like a Oreo cookie dough blizzard.... :)

  3. OH MY GOD. Did you forget about me and how much I hate feet?!?! This post needed a warning so that I wouldn't click. I am traumatized.

  4. While you are a key demographic for me, this is MY blog!!! I'll put up what I want! :-)