Friday, January 21, 2011

Weight:  x+16.4 still, Pizza Hut always yields left-overs.  One bad decision that lasts for days....

Have been inducted into some sort of "shoe club."  So far, from wearing my new shoes, I've had people stop me and tell me about how "Saks is having a sale" and asked me "do I bluefly?"  Odd.  Was also told heart-wrenching story about how a woman started crying when they were sold out of her size at said Saks sale. 

Have theory that women who don't have husbands, children, or pets anthropomorphize their shoes.  Since I have one on the list (pet), this would mean I wouldn't necessarily anthropomorphize my shoes.  (Math major classes not wasted - drawing Venn diagram...If/then, If and only if, etc.)  I do happen to anthropomorphize my shoes, as I do my wasted staples, the containers of my frozen foods, and trash in general.  Toy Story 3 did not help matters. 

In other news, have noticed that most of you readers read my blog at 11pm.  So, does this mean you watch primetime TV and then switch over to my blog when the boring old local news comes on?  Another working theory.


  1. Ha ha, I feel like you're on to something! Shoes are liked the Teddy bears of female adulthood. But why? They're so much less cuddly and often equally lacking in function (sorry, Teddy. I still love you, even if you never did make my bed or take me to the Teddy dimension ONCE.)

  2. I don't have a husband, kids, pets or fancy shoes. What a pathetic life I lead!

  3. You have a band. I should edit and add that to the list of things that people have that would exempt them from assumed shoe-fetish.