Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weight: x+14....must lose 1/2 pound a day for next 10 days in order to be goal weight on birthday.  Possible?  Note: birthday goal is not x.  Yes, I can do math.

Looked up meaning of recurring lost-shoe dream.  Eek.  Means that I've lost my way.  I guess the fact that everyone is telling me I can't get home until I find my way does make more sense than until I find my "shoes."  But then, I think I can do without my shoes/way, so does that mean I'm happy wandering aimlessly through life?  Dreams...  Also read that if you wear out your shoes at the heels (as I always do), you make "wise deals."  Should I become a stock broker?

In other news, I bought a ridiculously nice pair of shoes.  I should get them Friday and may very well return them on Saturday for a full refund.  Do I really want to be this shoe-girl?  I remember quite vividly calling my mom from a store in Boston when I was making hard (and I do mean hard) earned money of my own, and asking her if she thought it was ok if I bought an $80 purse.  I hope she was laughing when I hung up.  Or else, her ashes are now doing somersaults of rage.

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