Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weight: x+14.8...back to Square 1.2.  Could have something to do with pizza and pretzel M&Ms.  But that's ok.  I'm going to run 5,000 miles today, so birthday goal is still in range!

Have three-pronged approach to tackling gross lack of shoes I apparently "need:"
(1) Am drafting letter to shoe brand suggesting they start charity to supply shoes to women who need them. Is website name available?
(2) Contact celebs and ask them to donate shoes to those in need, for example me.
(3) Start personal fundraising effort - much like when I did Avon Walk for Breast Cancer - where friends can pledge money to my personal site:

I have grand pictures in my head of women in burqas being handed Jimmy Choo shoe boxes by New York highly tailored, high-maintenance women on their charity outreach program.  The reception is perhaps a little underwhelming.  But when they realize that they NEED these shoes, I'm sure they will start weeping with joy.  You just won't be able to see it.  Because of the hijab.


  1. Sorry Kel, but I just CAN'T hear the name "Kelly" and "shoes" without having to relive this (which I love):

  2. Oh man, I had no idea. Where is that even from? I'll attempt not to talk about shoes anymore, for your sake. Either that or change my name to Amelia. Sorry for the trauma!

  3. No trauma here. It's something I find ridiculous & funny. That guy is a comedian who created that character Kelly. He is on You Tube. That's about all I know. He also teaches us that it isn't okay to text message break up. Glad that was cleared up.

  4. there are a bunch of women in hijabs secretly sporting jimmy choos in the last sex and the city monstrosity! muslim women in the desert are just like us etc... etc...

  5. You dare to speak of SATC on MY blog???