Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight: x+14, store sold out of yogurt pretzels....yeesh.  Must find new diet plan.

Amazingly have managed not to break any additional new year's resolutions.  Keep me honest, world.

I want to buy myself a ridiculously nice pair of shoes for a birthday present to myself.  I've begun a tradition of buying something that I'll use forever and keep nice, so that I can pass it down to my non-existent daughter the way my mother did with me.  The trick is to pick something that you will be able to use forever - ie not clothes that go out of fashion or stop fitting when you inevitably get fat.  Classic shoes, classic handbags, jewelry/watches.  These are the things you pass on to non-existent children.

Unfortunately, I've had nightmares for years that I am stuck somewhere shoeless and can't get home because everyone is saying "where are your shoes - you can't come here/do that/walk there without your shoes!"  If I buy a really nice pair, will the dreams prove to be a prophecy?  Will someone steal them and leave me shoeless and struggling to get home? 

In the dreams, I never understand why it's such a big deal that I'm not wearing shoes, but it is in dreamworld.  At home in GA, I would happily go a day without shoes on, walking barefoot outside on gravel even.  But in Los Angeles, apparently it's like being a leper.  If only I could have a Pretty Woman ending to the dream...I'd come back to the people who rejected me, hands full of shoeboxes, saying "you work on commission, right?  Big mistake.  Huge!"

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