Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight: x+14, must buy more yogurt-covered pretzels stat.  Will break through this!

Broke a few more resolutions: see "take myself too seriously, remember what's really important, etc." I did accidentally start a curse word at "work" today.  I wasn't at work, but was having to do work....which is reason to curse alone, I think.  Was actually re: timely, detailed, mis-distributed info via 3rd party that would need to be redistributed correctly by me 10 minutes prior...which is pretty much impossible. My dog can vouch that I ended the word with -mble instead of -ck. Baby steps.

As for vegetables, do sweet potato fries count?  What if I dipped them in a tomato by-product....like say ketchup?  Step up from cereal, I think.

In other news...on the 3rd day of New Year's, my cars did ask of me -
3 new car batteries,
2 fixed flat tires,
and a thwarted car-wash for Chloe (my 'stang)


  1. THREE new car batteries?? Does that make one of those mine? I can do simple math, lady. I am sending you money!

  2. One was Kelly's. We jumped her car off and took it to the shop while I got a new one for my mustang. You know how cold weather and two week vacations go...well, ok, so her vacation was a two month one. I'm not saying anything else...but I will not accept money.

  3. Ahh, I didn't know she was leaving her car there too. Hmmm, that still only adds up to 2, Kelley!

  4. She didn't - her brother was watching it, but we went together to fix it, so I'm counting it in my list! Plus, it makes for a better song. As for the other, you have a 50/50 shot at it.