Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weight: x+13, meh.

If I were Bridget right now, I'd be fixing blue soup for Urban Family.  But I'm not.  (I am, however, planning a Bridget birthday dinner party on Bridget's birthday in November.)

However, I have decided to eat like a 3-year-old instead of a newly turned 30-something-year-old: soft pretzel for breakfast at the movies, yummy sandwich with fresh mozzarella for lunch, and an afternoon treat of a million cookies.  What will be for dinner?  Mac & cheese?  Ice cream?

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

In the tradition of rewriting songs, here's today's inspiration:
Happy Birthday to me, it's Jan-u-ar-y -
I'm wearing a sweater, and the temp's 83!
~It's really hot...

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