Friday, January 14, 2011

Weight: x+13.  Birthday miracle?  Apparently, "work" can be a good diet after all.
Breaking news: Jeff sent roses to work.
NOW what should I do?

Michael's Birthday was one of last night's The Office episodes.  Seems like perfect timing.  Especially as I'm feeling quite conflicted about whether I want people at work to know my birthday is coming or not.  It didn't work out too well for Michael.  Perhaps I should stick with my gut and keep it on the DL. You know, except for the fact that I'm freaking blogging about it.  Except for that...

Faithful readers know that I adore my sweet little Sandy bear, but Sandy is feeling very neglected because of the long work hours of late.  Here's hoping that means she'll be extra cuddly over the weekend!

In other news: our TV pilot was picked up!  Work not done in vain!

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  1. you work with like one other person so I think it should be very easy for you to keep it under wraps.