Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quickly devolving into a Shoe Blog...

Weight: x+16.4...yeah, ok, so much for the treats being gone.  See below.

I may have mentioned I've been working a lot.  Not complaining, I love my job, and what I'm working on THRILLS me.  When I eventually DO go home, I keep working just cuz.  But I have to say, I'm a touch tired.  And that's what led to last night's breaking of another resolution.

I had caffeine after 2pm.  I justified it by saying "but I'm going to run tonight, so it's fine.  The caffeine won't affect my sleep."  But then I got off work around 8, I was still taking home work to do there, and Pizza Hut won.  I never let Pizza Hut win.  This was monumental.  (Never meaning only once every other month or so.)

Happy feet indeed.
So in summary, instead of running for 2 hours, I ate pizza in front of my laptop.  I find that ironic.

And re: Shoes.  My day is throwing me some punches, but these are definitely keeping me happy.  I love them.  Love them, love them, love them.

(Brian, does this reverse the trauma of yesterday?)


  1. Love the shoes! I too have recently bought some, which I find funny since I never wear heels but I guess there is a fancy footwear person inside my jeans & tshirt wearing self.

    I'm wondering if running has platformed for you. (Nevermind the fact you skipped it today, that might be beside the point.) Perhaps it's time to switch things up? Maybe there was something to Bridget dancing around her livingroom (sans Chaka Khan)... and I hear dancing is a perfect excuse for fancy shoes.

  2. Nope, still love to run. Love, love, love. I can't wait to run on Saturday. Ok, scratch that, I can't wait to watch a movie on the treadmill Saturday. The reason I didn't run last night was because I had to work late and still work more from home....not a reflection on running.

    What kind of shoes???

  3. I think what she means is sometimes the body stops benefiting from one kind of exercise. like, i walk all the time, which means it's doing me little good beyond the general heart health that exercise brings. no weight loss!

  4. Crystal is right. That is what I meant. I really wish stupid Blogger would tell me when other people have commented. I literally have no idea you're saying something unless I relook at the comments days later. (Which is something I started doing the other day. Wow lots of comments on your blog. Hooray!)

    These are the shoes I got. They're pretty hot if I say so myself. I got the black fabric option.