Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re: Auntie Una and Uncle Geoffrey vs. My Aunt and Uncle

Auntie Una is Pamela Jones's partner in crime.  In the book more than in the movie, she really does take on the role of Bridget's surrogate mom by making sure that everything is taken care of for Christmas etc.  They even house Colin when Pamela kicks him out.  Uncle Geoffrey, on the other hand, is a bit of a pervert, pushing Bridget to divulge the secrets of her personal life and even giving her cotton tail a little "bop-bop" at the ex-Tarts-and-Vicars party.

My Aunt Sally is much the same as Auntie Una in that she always knows the right thing to do for parties, respects and upholds traditions, and has stepped in as a surrogate mom now that my mom has gone to that great spa-resort in the sky.  However, my dear Uncle Jimmy is nothing like Uncle Geoffrey.  He's the picture of practicality, takes care of my business affairs in Georgia, and will probably preside over my wedding one day, if I'm lucky enough to ever have one, but only after performing a background check on the dude.

Aunt Sally and Uncle Jimmy, another pair of victors.

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