Friday, November 19, 2010

Eating the Entire Contents of Your Fridge...Inevitable

By far my favorite quote from BJD is "At times like this, continuing with one's life seems impossible, and eating the entire contents of one's fridge seems inevitable."  I can't help but think of it when I get sad, and it always makes me smile.  What a funny idea, no?  And yet, there's certainly a hint of truth in it, like in all good comedy. 

It's like when I would get in arguments with my mom growing up. When I was 13, I'd think in my head "other children of divorce would say 'I'm going to go live with Dad' as a threat here, but that's the emptiest threat ever."  Sometimes I'd say it aloud to my mom to let her in on my inner giggle.  It would definitely break the tension and give us something to laugh about together.  Now's as good a time as ever to admit that I have a sick sense of humor.

The simple fact is that I'm sad.  Last night, I stared at the entire contents of my fridge and contemplated eating it all, Bridget-style.  Since I don't really keep anything in my fridge, the contents would have been a wrap of tofu and assorted condiments.  Less than appealing.  I settled for the next best thing, the entire contents of my cupboard.  I had the last couple of honey wheat pretzel braids with nutella and called it a night.

If I had to choose between Bridget's grief (facing work with my ex-boyfriend whom I just discovered was cheating on me and now engaged to the woman he was cheating with) or my grief (getting the news that my dog has a tumor again that has to be removed with surgery before we'll even know what the prognosis is), I think this time I'd choose Bridget's.  After all, hers can be cured with vodka and Chaka Khan.


  1. Poor Sandy dog!! I hope she gets better quick!

  2. Ugh. So sorry to hear that. Praying that surgery fixes it and that she heals quickly.

    Love you.