Saturday, November 13, 2010

WWBJD: Driving in Los Angeles

New Saturday Series for '10:  What Would Bridget Jones Do - Scenarios.  I need to live the part, encompassing all things 'Bridget' if I'm really going to be able to reap the benefits next year, so it's time to start thinking up some trial runs.  I'll post my idea of how I think Bridget would respond to certain situations, but please feel free to contradict me in the comments section, whenever you feel like it.

Scenario: A problem I seem to run into quite often is Rude Los Angelenos Drivers. 
You're driving your car, stopped at a light, pulled right up next to intersection, just on the edge of the pedestrian crosswalk.  Cars are coming in the other direction, and you're poised to turn at the first chance you get.  A couple of teenagers walk toward you in the crosswalk.  All of a sudden, the car behind you decides you should have turned right already, and they lay on their horn.  You're thrown and take your foot slightly off the brake before realizing that the car behind you can't see A) the traffic in your way or B) the teenagers.  Now, you're a foot into the crosswalk, and the teenagers walk in front of you.  As they do, they make rude hand gestures toward you, and one of them actually slams his fists down on the hood of your car.

A) Put the car in park, get out of the car, scream at teenagers, and then make rude hand gesture to the impatient driver behind her?
B) Write strongly-worded letter to Los Angeles County Board of Education about the behavior of our city's youth.  Also write down tag number of impatient driver with intention of reporting them for....well, nothing she supposes.
C) Bury her head against the steering wheel and fight back tears.
D) Something else entirely.  (Feel free to comment what that would be.)

I'll go with B, Regis.  Final answer.

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