Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reflections on Embarrassing Moments

Would you rather:
A) meet an eligible man while dressed in a carpet from your mother's closet?
B) give a speech with the microphone off, forget your boss's name, and insult the top authors of your time?
C) lose scarf on convertible ride and have Bride of Frankenstein hair in public?
D) show up to a garden party alone in a Playboy Bunny suit?
E) walk into your boyfriend's bathroom to discover he's cheating on you with naked American stick-insect?
F) slide down a fireman's pole on live television, hitting the camera with your bottom?
G) accidentally interrupt a toast at a party by professing feelings for an already taken man?
H) run down your street in the snow with only your sneakers, thong and a tank top on?

If you're Bridget, you don't get to choose just one.  You get all eight in a year!

So, the next time you're embarrassed, just think of Bridget.  Is your one moment of embarrassment really so terrible after all?

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