Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bridget's Take on Thanksgiving Day

In the first book, Bridget focuses a lot of her time and energy on how many holiday parties she is not invited to, who is having said parties, and why everyone else but her seems to be invited.  A lot of made-up holidays that we don't celebrate here in the States are celebrated in the UK by gathering friends together for parties.  Maybe there are fireworks (think Fourth of July), maybe there are barbeque feasts on roofs (think Memorial Day or Labor Day).  No matter what, there's drinking.

In addition to that, one of her least favorite things to do is have Daniel come over to her "flat" and watch "football" all weekend.

So, I'm thinking that Bridget would not be down for a day of watching football, surrounded with family, with no precedent for booze being involved.  Food, yes.  Booze, no.  When going around the table saying what you're thankful for, I think she'd be sandwiched between lovey-dovey smug marrieds who were so thankful for "John's promotion" or "little Johnnie getting into the top prep school."  She'd then feel like saying "I'm thankful for cigarettes" and go outside to have a smoke.

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  1. No booze? That's not how my family celebrates.