Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reviewing: Become Your Own Matchmaker

For anyone who has seen Patti's show, it should come as no surprise that Patti is most interested in matching rich men with perfect women....not the other way around.  But this book is very specifically tailored toward a female audience.  The tone is irreverent and funny, but I'm told that a lot of the rude comments that I thought were jokes....were not.  So I leave it for you to decide.

The bullet points:
(1) Get over past relationships thoroughly.  Cleanse your palate and actually refuse dates for a period of up to 3 months while you're focusing on what you want in a relationship.  (I love this part - but could 3 months be 3 years?  I would like that even better.)
(2) Determine your 5 non-negotiables, and, you know, don't negotiate them.
(3) Lastly, she has a LOT of rules about how to date. 
--Manipulate him into going out on the weekend.  (Um, what if I don't care?  And what if I'm not a manipulative witch?)
--Never meet for coffee. (Apparently, it's an audition, not a date.)
--Get a ring in 6 months, or you're outta there.  (Wow...)
There are tons of other things like don't move in without a ring, don't be intimate without marriage on the table, manipulate him, manipulate him, manipulate him....sheesh.  No wonder she's still single.

So, this book is definitely not for everyone....and definitely not for me.


  1. her show/service is for millionaires, not men. she matches rich anybody. i just wanted to clarify that!

    if i ever get a ring i hope it's because i adequately manipulated someone into wanting to spend their life with me. how exciting that would be.

  2. But what do you think the ratio of guy millionaires she matches to girl millionaires she matches? And on the rare occasion that I've watched, and on the rarer occasion that she's had a woman on as a client, she's always mean to them and acting like they don't deserve great guys! Meanwhile for the guys (who are often jerks), she is only picking relatively perfect women. That's my opinion anyway. I have probably watched all of 5-6 shows.

  3. Well, she also does gay/lebsian clients but she says 40% aren't straight men. Next week her show is two women! And they pick the same dude I think! This week was a terrible dude and a pretty cool lady.

    I disagree about that- this season so far she has taught several dudes lessons about how they're not as great as they think they are. I think I know which lady you saw on... that lady did need the wind taken out of her sails a bit. She thought she was a 12! But obviously, this woman is more mean than necessary, haha.

    One season this super hot older lady was on and she went on a date and the guy was all into her until he found out that one of her kids was 20 or something and then he refused to ever call her again. It was kind of bullshit and really pissed Patti (and probably women all over the country) off. It was like it hit him that that she was olllllldddd and it bothered him so much. She was younger than him.