Saturday, November 27, 2010

WWBJD: Sale Wars

Scenario:  Bridget is shopping the Black Friday sales, and she finds the most lovely cashmere gloves, marked down 300% (yes, that means they'd pay her back twice the sticker price).  They are the last pair (quel shock).  When she goes in the fitting room, someone picks them up from the pile outside of her dressing room.  (There was a pile because she could only try on 6 items at a time, and she had picked up 27.)

A)  Discovers they are missing, spots the culprit, chases her down the hall, tackles her, grabs the gloves, smacks the woman with the gloves a few times in the face for good measure, and then trots to the cashier to check out.
B) Approaches the culprit, delicately suggests the idea that the gloves were in her pile and therefore belong to her.  When the culprit challenges her, she backs down and sulks.  Guess she'll only get 26 items.
C) Doesn't notice they are missing as the stack of stuff outside was such a heaping pile.

I'm thinking C, which would probably be what I'd do as well.

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