Monday, November 29, 2010

Bridget on Positive Thinking

Sandy's post-op rehab facility,
otherwise known as my living room.
I've said it before, but what I most like about Bridget Jones is her ability to hold her head up while everything falls down around her, including herself falling down a fireman's pole on National TV.  She has a sense of humor about her life, even when she is saying things are the end of the world.  Sure, she fears dying fat and alone, being eaten by wild dogs.  However, at the same time, she can tell a room full of smug marrieds that perhaps the reason there are so many single women in their 30s is because, underneath their clothes, they are covered in scales and that she only wears her bunny suit on very special occasions.

Lately, I confess, I've been thinking things are the end of the world.  I've been really worried about my sweet little dog Sandy: worrying that I'm going to get a call back from the vet telling me she's dying of cancer, worrying that she won't make it out of surgery alive, worrying that if she does make it out of surgery, I won't be able to get the care she needs for recovering.  Worrying, worrying, worrying.  I guess since it's her 2nd time being faced with cancer, and since my mom died of cancer the 2nd time she got it, I've been thinking it's just a reality I'm going to have to accept.  Well, maybe it is, and maybe it's not.  But worrying isn't going to help with any of what lies ahead.

What will help?  Thinking like Bridget, of course.  She has the choice of accepting her permanent state of spinsterhood and being eaten by wild dogs, and she chooses not.  Well, I choose not to accept that my dog will die.  (Funny, dogs playing very different roles in our scenarios.)  And today, instead of throwing out all of my self-help books, drinking vodka, playing Chaka Khan, and falling off the treadmill, I'm going to make my dog's flight reservation for Christmas.  Although vodka and Chaka Khan does sound more appealing.


  1. I'm a worrier, too, but I love the idea of setting worry aside. Praying that Sandy will live to a ripe old age and that this will just be a scare and nothing more.

  2. aw poor sandy bear!! i'm sure she'll be getting better & judging by how she's enjoying her new bed set up, i'm sure she'll be back to her peanut butter eating ways in no time!