Monday, November 8, 2010

Bridget on the Scale

"Obviously will lose 20 pounds; number two..."

I'm re-reading Bridget Jones's Diary (shocking, I know), and I came to the part where she actually crosses the threshold that she's dreamt of for 18 years, 119 lbs.  Her friends immediately make her self-conscious about it, implying that she looks tired and has lost most of it in her cup-size.  She resolves to eat 8,000 calories a day and not weigh herself so as to resume more natural shape.  She succeeds!  Now, that's what I call good goal-setting.

I completely know what her friends are thinking.  She probably suffered from the "bobble-head" effect.  That's what I refer to as the effect of losing weight so quickly that your face can't catch up.  If you've ever been around girls with eating disorders (translation: if you went to college), you probably have noticed the bobble-head effect firsthand.

Having lost a fair amount of weight over the last year, re-reading this part made me terribly self-conscious as well.  What are my friends not telling me?  Do I look like a bobble-head?  Chest deflated?  Tired, haggardly?  I think I'll go have a chocolate chip cookie, just in case.  After all, WWBJD?


  1. Definitely not bobble headed my dear!! It hadn't really occurred to me how much weight you had lost until after I looked at old pictures. Good job!! Am very impressed. With that being said, the weight loss was hard to see since I saw it gradually. Don't fret - you look great!! No need to be self conscious. I don't want to have to sit you down & make you watch the Full House episode where DJ thinks she's fat b/c she has a round face...

  2. Hahahah, DARN IT!!! I thought I found a great excuse for my chocolate-chip cookie routine! I think I'll act like I didn't read offense. ;-)

  3. Every time I read that book and she lists her weight I find myself shouting, "But how TALL are you, Bridget? HOW TALL? This is meaningless unless I know how tall you are!"

  4. I thought the same thing, so here's the math. She pretty much has to be 5'4". Normal, healthy weight is 100 + 5 lbs per inch over 5', so 5'4" healthy weight would be 120. She's always hovering the ten pound range above that, which is just overweight enough to be annoyed with it but not overweight enough to be noteworthy to her friends. If she's any taller, she should go to a therapist to check out her eating disorder (which, given her occasional calorie listings of under 1,000, may actually be the right prescription). Also, any shorter than 5'4" would probably also be noteworthy, both socially and given her listed weights. She seems to be the only person who really thinks much about her weight, so she's got to be pretty much on par. Plus, I'm 5'4", so next year, she's MY height. :-)