Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reviewing: Have Him at Hello

These books are making me physically ill...but I push through it for you, to spare you the pain of reading it yourself.

In this one, Rachel Greenwald attempts to defend her choice of basically blaming women for everything wrong in the world of dating.  However, the juiciest bit to share with you does just this:  her list of Top Ten Date-breakers.

1) The Boss Lady - being too dominant, not soft, not feminine.
2) The Blahs - nothing special or exciting, "friend" material.
3) The Bait and Switch - the guy feels like the girl has lied or misrepresented herself.
4) The Park Avenue Princess - need I say more?
5) The Closer - interviewing for a sperm donor for her child.
6) The Flasher - too much baggage revealed on the 1st date.
7) The Bitch-in-Boots - passive-aggressive, not kind-hearted.
8) Debbie Downer - complains about everything.
9) The Ex-Factor - talks too much about ex-boyfriend.
10) The One-Way Street - either directs the whole date as an interrogation or is having a monologue with the date as the witness.  In general, self-absorbed.

Now, I'm not saying women don't do these things.  They do.  But Rachel, have you MET men?  They don't do these things too?

So there you have it: everything WE do wrong.  Good night, evil books.  Until next week.

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